In our not so spare time, we like to piddle with building things. We have built chicken coops, pig huts, brooders, feeders, and all kinds of other farm things. When we moved here, it was decided by the family we would always do our big holidays here, because this is home. I welcomed the idea!! By changing the den into the dining room I could accommodate all the growing family, but I needed a 10 foot table! Instead of buying one, we decided to build one. And that's how it all started. We can only  squeeze in a few pieces here and there because of all the other things we have to accomplish, but we do enjoy it. We love the challenge of taking a 50 year old piece of wood and shaping  it into something. We have disassembled several barns, and dug through piles to find unique and one of a kind pieces to create with.

FarmHouse & Decor